Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Ever since I was little I have always remembered my dreams and would wake in the morning and recount them enthusiastically to my family as if they were 'real'.
Even to this day, if I have a particularly interesting dream I'll phone my sister for help with its interpretation.
Part of my fascination with them is that I've had a couple that have come true.
The most exciting one was when I was pregnant.
I was due to have my baby on the 10th of December and didn't know whether I was having a boy or a girl, but one night I had a very vivid dream.
I was holding a baby girl in my arms and as I looked at a digital watch on my wrist, it read 11.12.
I woke excitedly and was sure I was going to have a little girl, and that she would be born on the 11th of the 12th (December), not the 10th. 
Well, the next morning I told everyone I was definitely having a girl and she was going to be born on the 11th.
I was absolutely convinced, but the 11th came ... and went, and I was still waddling around!
Obviously everyone thought it was just another dream.
When the 19th came and there was still no sign, I was taken into hospital to be induced, and after many hours rushed to the theatre on the morning of the 20th for an emergency cesarean.
As I was coming round from the anaesthetic, I was told I had a healthy baby girl.
Because of the dream I wasn't surprised, but when I'd recovered a little and looked at her notes and saw ... Time of Birth 11.12  ... I couldn't help but squeal.
The dream had come true, I'd just misunderstood it!
I had an overwhelming feeling that whatever happened from this point on, that the little girl sleeping soundly in the funny plastic dish beside me, was 'meant to be'.
And if possible...was even more special because I'd dreamed her first  :o)