Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hired! - Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday where you write something using the three prompt words.
This week's words are  ... Educate, Object and Silence.

The silence was unbearable ... as if someone had placed a huge clown in the centre of the room that everyone had made a secret pact not to mention ... and she was the clown. 
Frozen to the spot.
The sole object of everyone's attention.
Thoughts of running for the door played through her mind, or better yet, pretending to faint.
The smile she'd finished her presentation with was still unnaturally fixed on her face, her cheeks twitching and aching from the strain. 
It really had seemed like a good idea. 
Her plan had been to educate, inject a little humour and drive the point home leaving everyone with a laugh that would set her aside from the rest of the candidates. 
She couldn't help but remember her old boyfriends words.
"I love you ... but you can't tell a joke to save your life." 
The sentence echoed around her head. 
She'd been standing still with the fixed grin for so long that the blood had stopped circulating and her head began to swim. 
Panic was setting in. 
She couldn't think straight and before she knew it, she'd grabbed the cucumber and lunged for the assistant in charge and held it at his throat.
"Did you get what I was saying ... ay, ay!"
A rush of reality flooded over her as if she were floating above herself looking down. 
Time seemed to stop as she observed herself with the cucumber held near the mans neck.
What are doing, Jenny? The jokes gone too far now... FAINT... FAINT... for goodness sake just FAINT!, she thought ... but as she looked to the head of the company, she saw a tiny flicker at the corner of his mouth. 
She had nothing to lose.
She twisted the cucumber at a more threatening angle and eyed the head man directly. 
That was it. 
The flicker broke into a smile and the room finally collapsed into laughter.
"Okay, Miss Denning ... you can drop the weapon now, I think Mr. Hargreaves gets what you were saying."
The tension poured from her body and as her blood once again began to flow, she slowly regained her posture and tentatively placed the cucumber on the table.
"Umm ... well what did you think?"
"Well, Miss Denning, we were looking for someone to shake things up a bit, and you've certainly managed to do that to Mr. Hargreaves." 
The assistant didn't respond.
He just sat motionless, his attention still firmly fixed on the cucumber. 
Jenny shuffled uncomfortably at the sight of him, which simply served to make him jump and emit a small aah!
The head smiled and started to laugh again.
"...And all with just a cucumber ... that's it ..... you're hired!"

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cold Hands! ... I Saw Sunday - Week 14

A random assortment of things seen
this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

Not much to say this week as I've been tucked up inside as much as I can as it's just been sooo cold out.

However, Grace still needed her walks, so as always I headed down to the park where I was unceremoniously mugged by the pigeons. I got out of the car with my bag of bread and it was like Trafalger Square. I felt like the Pigeon Pied Piper as they followed me down to the lake, then the ducks spotted me and all came waddling and quacking at me too ...
the weather really is bitter at the moment and the lake was almost completely iced over so the little loves must have been starving.

At one point on our walk, my hands were so frozen that when I picked up Grace's you-know-what, I was actually pleased at the warmth ... I know ... forget I said it ... but my hands really were that cold!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Triumph - Writers Island # 34.

 Writer's Island - the prompt this week is Triumph

I'd spend all night
on that wondrous sight
and through it all
your smile in mind.
That dimpled grin
that so easily could
melt any heart
and often would.
A smile that made
my life complete
and gave me reason
to manage that feat
of tinseled wonder
and tinkling joy
that would lift your heart
and set that morning
far apart.
So there it is
my little one
for to see that smile
my work was done.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Top Cat - Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday where you write something using the three prompt words.
This week's words are  ... Dabble, Lean and Utter.

 It's Officer Dibble, not Dabble you idiot!"
"Are you sure?"
"Duh ... yes."
"What was the tall lean one called then ... was it Bonny?"
"No, it was Benny, Benny the Ball, not Bonny the Ball, and he was the small one."
"Are you sure?"
"YES! ... how did we get on to Top Cat anyway?"
"You said about a cat with a hat on."
"No, I didn't."
"Are you sure?"
"I think I'd remember talking about a cat with a hat on."
"Maybe you meant to say a dog?"
"No, I didn't, please!"
"Please, what?"
"SSHH...  don't utter another word, you're driving me mad!"
"Oooh, touchy, it's not my fault you can't remember stuff."
"I can remember stuff."
"You can't even remember which one was wearing the hat."
"That's because there wasn't a hat!"
"Well why do you keep going on about one then?"
"I'm not. I wasn't. Oh I can't even remember how this conversation started!"
"See ... I told you you can't remember stuff."

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Magic Tree - Monday's Child # 25

Monday's Child prompt for children's poetry or verse

There was heard tell of a magic tree
that children travelled far to see
for it could help the saddest heart
and lift the spirits of those apart
It grew at the time when snow would fall
and showered love on each and all
This golden tree of years gone past
gave every child a smile to last
so as Christmastime draws ever near
and all are filled with Christmas cheer
lets make a wish that all will see
the magic of the golden tree.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Back On Line! ... I Saw Sunday - Week 13

A random assortment of things seen
this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

HOORAY! ... I 'm back on line ... finally!

Well this has been an interesting couple of weeks. Our internet went potty which resulted in everyone in the house growing more and more tense, main reason being, according to the provider, the trouble was at our end, and news like that to a house full of technical idiots is not good! At one point my lovely partner, in a rush of totally unfounded confidence, took out every connection from every socket in a brave attempt to solve the situation ... then I saw this look come over his face. His eyes widened as he stood motionless and silent, staring at all the ends of the wires with not the faintest idea of how or where to put them back again. It was not a happy moment, but on the positive side we're back on line again, and we've all agreed never to mention this dark time again ... :o)

As for I saw, well ...

The weather has been freezing but absolutely beautiful. On one of our walks to Delapre Abbey I drove down the avenue and the trees ahead were completely white from trunk to tip and sparkling in the sunlight, it actually prompted an involuntary squeal of delight. I couldn't help thinking that if I saw a jolly fat man dressed in red waiting for me at the end, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised ... it was just magical.


As my partner and I were sitting in the car together a bus load of children pulled up a little way ahead of us. I was busy looking out of the window in the other direction when I felt him prodding my arm. I turned to see him with his brow all furrowed up whilst pointing out of the other window, he then asked in a very puzzled tone ...
" is he very big, or is he very small?"
... coming toward us was a man teacher who must have been about 5ft at best escorting an enormous child who must have been about 5ft 10".  I burst out laughing.
It wasn't just that it was visually funny, it was my partners genuine confusion at the sight that had me in complete hysterics.


Another result of the cold weather is that I've seen so many lovely dogs with their coats on. It does make me smile to see them. Grace looks smashing in hers and is more than happy to have her little red quilted one on.  She stand very still and serious till it's been all velcroed up, then wags her tail and looks all chuffed about it.

and lastly

I lost the car again! It's getting to be a regular thing with me now. I park up at the shopping centre, make a mental note as to where the car is, go into the shop ... then completely forget! Obviously I do always find it, but trailing around the car park with my trolley trying very hard to look purposeful and NOT as if I don't know where my car is, is really quite trying. I've put it down to hormones even though my sister assures me that I've always had the memory of a goldfish ... I'm thinking of tying a balloon to my arial.

Lilac - Sunday Scribblings # 245

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt 245 - Limits

She was never sure where she ended and others began
she was grey,  beige at best
never a colour, yet for a few moments when
she became fully present
and it was too much
for her
preferring the safety of shadows
blending, invisible
playing a part and doing it well
in her boundless prison
but there came a day
when she found a key
to her imaginary doors
and opened them to a gentle shade
but a colour never the less
and she began anew
and she found where she finished and others began
and  it was there
dressed in lilac
that I saw her last.