Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Monkey Nuts!

We have decided to stop snacking in the evening which has proved a little more difficult for my lovely partner.
As he insists he gets hungry an hour after his tea, I got him some monkey nuts to have instead of his usual biscuits, crisps and chocolate as I thought at least they'd be better for him.
When his one hour evening 'food fast' had elapsed, I trotted into the kitchen and came back with the big bag of monkey nuts which he took eagerly, his eyes wide with delight.
He then positioned himself on the sofa, punched a hole with his fist in a pillow to shell the nuts into, and began shelling in earnest until he had enough for a mouthful.
He did this over and over and over.
It kept him occupied for absolutely ages, as he quietly and methodically worked away for his nuts.
As I watched, it put me in mind of the animal enrichment programmes they have in the zoo,  and I couldn't help thinking as I saw his happy little face ... gosh, it really does work!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Safety Sheep .... I Saw Sunday - Week 27

 I Saw Sunday where you can join in with pictures, thoughts, observations, anything you like!

My lovely partner took this photo for me of the sheep in the field next to our house. The three above spent absolutely ages watching the sheep below investigating beneath the trunk. It was having a really thorough check underneath and I could just imagine it saying

"Looks a bit dodgy to me, there's definitely some rot down here, you better be careful, it could go at any moment!"

The three up above were completely unappreciative of its efforts, and when the safety sheep did finally decide that it was okay for climbing and attempted to join them, they wouldn't even let it up ... and after all those safety checks it had done too!  The Meanies.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

His Girl - Three Word Wednesday

He smiled as the breeze swept the hair from her face.
The sun was shining, lighting her eyes, making them twinkle, blue as the summer sky.
He leant over, his fingers wriggling in a gesture to tickle her side, making her laugh aloud.
The sound had never failed to make him smile. The years had simply added to it, rich and mellow and filled with joy. It made his heart skip a beat every time he heard it.

"I'll race you," he said, thumb ready on the accelerator of his mobility scooter.

She didn't wait, pressing hers, she shot off in front.

"You'll have to catch me!" she called.

He pressed his thumb and gave chase, a smile emblazoned across his face as he chased his girl up the high street, heading for home.

Three Word Wednesday where you write something using the three prompt words.   This week's words are ... Breeze, Mellow and Tickle.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Truth - Sunday Scribblings # 258

"When I'm big, I'm going to go to all these places."  She smoothed the map on the floor, pointing to every single country in turn, "... and I'm going to have a house by the sea ... and swim with dolphins!"

Her face was alive with smiles and possibilities.

Feelings flooded over me, prompting memory after memory.

"I can't wait to be grown up!"

She turned her face to mine, eyes wide.

"Is it going to be as good as I think?"

There was a seriousness in her tone, the question was real. It required an answer. I'd promised never to lie to her, to always be honest. She knew she could trust me to tell her the truth.

I hesitated, causing her brow to flicker.

I couldn't tell her, I just couldn't. I felt a knotting pain deep in my stomach.


She stood, tilting her head to one side, a smile creeping across her face. I felt my breath ease, and the pain in my stomach lift with relief. I smiled back, a huge smile that spread ear to ear.

It was her truth she was asking, not mine. Hers.

I leant down and picked her up, tears in my eyes as I swung her around and around.

"Yes, Amy ... it's going to be the best thing ever ever, EVER!"

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt 258 - Big.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


It was just another day.

I started in the bathroom, staring at the toothbrushes for 2 minutes trying to remember which one was mine.
I know there had been a debate on the colour, and that I had given a reason as to why I wanted it, but even though I could recall this, they all just looked wrong somehow.
I had an inkling that the day was announcing itself early,
but undeterred I went about the morning purposefully.

Other than arriving in the kitchen and the bedroom and not having the faintest idea why I was there, all seemed to be going smoothly.
Then I decided to do the washing.
Big mistake!
I could already feel it was one of those days that sometimes led to the 'WHAT IF' scenarios that could just pop in to my head uninvited,
and it wasn't long before one did.
There I was sorting the washing only to come across my partners jumper.

The tears sprang from nowhere,
along with the poem ...

She sat eyes closed
and gathered his jumper around her
breathing it in
and he was there
her gentle man
her love
her life
and tears filled her eyes
as her heart broke all over again.

Well I rang my partner to check he was alive ...  he was,
and as always, he asked patiently.

"What was it this time?"

"Your jumper."

"Just leave the washing and take Grace out for a walk, it'll make you feel better."

It was good advice, so out I went.

There was a lost poo incident, but this wasn't hormone related, Grace had just gone a little too far away and when I got there 'it' had completely disappeared.
If you have a dog then you'll know this can happen.
Well there were people around, so I leant down and picked up a twig and a leaf and tied my bag sharply then carried on my way.

The day continued after that with minimal drama.

I remembered my toothbrush was blue!
A definite EUREKA moment and high point of the day, and then there were a few unfinished conversations where the point I was trying to get across, simply disappeared leaving me mid sentence ... with nothing! ... but other than that I thought I'd coped with the day admirably.

When evening came I decided to relax.
I put my feet up and nestled myself into the sofa without a care
and rounded the day off with
a lovely old film
a curry
a large glass of wine
one massive hot sweat
and then took myself up to bed at 9.00pm ... ready for another day!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bethany Bunny's Book - Monday's Child # 36

Monday's Child prompt for children's poetry or verse

Bethany Bunny sat down to read
as a book in her hand was all that she'd need
to travel to places and faraway lands
for she knew it was magic she held in her hands.

She could ride across rainbows and swim in the seas
and sled down high mountains and climb in the trees
find unicorns, dragons and fairies and elves
and whisper gold secrets they'd keep to themselves.

Her adventures and friends would be there in her hand
to whisk her away to her own special land
and all this she'd do whilst tucked safe in her bed
as her eyes slowly closed with sweet dreams up ahead.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

My Lovely's .... I Saw Sunday - Week 25

 I Saw Sunday where you can join in with pictures, thoughts, observations, anything you like!

My lovely Grace had a poorly tummy so hadn't eaten for about 24 hours. When we went to bed (Grace sleeps on her bed by the radiator in our room) I was woken at 3pm by her scratching at the bedroom door. She never wakes us in the night so I rushed down the stairs with her thinking she needed to 'go'. As I was unlocking the door she sailed past me and into the kitchen and stood by her food bowl ... looked at it ... then looked at me ... then looked back again at her bowl ... it couldn't have been clearer. Her appetite was back! Smiling, I gave her some food which she devoured as if she hadn't eaten in 24 hours, which of course she hadn't! then she started scooshing the side of her mouth clean on the carpet (for undoggy people, it's not as bad as it sounds!) then she looked up to the cupboard where the treats are kept. It was official, at 3pm in the middle of the night her poorly tummy had declared itself well and truly better!


My lovely Cracker now has her food in the living room at night where she sleeps in case the 'black cat' gets in the cat flap and steals it. When we go up to bed, I arrange all the cushions on the sofa for her 'princess and the pea style' (she's not allowed in the bedroom because she tries to sleep on my head!) and she settles on them and watches as I place the food on the coffee table just by her. I can tell she thinks this is just how it should be. I have images of her hooking a single meaty chunk with her claw, grape style and popping it in her mouth before putting a little cat sized silk sleeping mask on and stretching out as soon as I leave the room! 

and lastly

A picture of my darling Grace fast asleep on her bed

... don't you just love it when that happens   :o)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Manners! - Three Word Wednesday

'Please don't come over, please don't come over!'
It was too late, the office lech had homed well and truly in on her.
"I saw you looking, so I thought I'd come and say, hi."
He reached out and touched her arm.
"I've always felt there was 'something' between us, an affinity ... I can see you feel it too."
She wanted to say  'No I don't you big creep ... Clear off!'  but her inherent good manners prevented her and she lowered her head ... and noticed his fly was open. That was all she needed. A creepy lech after her with an open fly!  Uugh!
She began to fidget uncomfortably, her eyes darting everywhere but 'there'.
He gave a slimy little laugh and stepped forward, one eyebrow raised, a wry smile working its way over his lips.
"Don't be nervous, sweetheart."
She groaned inwardly.
He reached out again, tracing a single finger down the length of her bare arm.
She took a step backwards.
She could see by the expression on his face that he interpreted the backward manoeuvre as her officially turning 'silly' in his presence.
"Shall we take this conversation somewhere a little more," he hesitated, and raised the eyebrow again, " private."
She took a deep breath and looked him in the eye.
"Could you please move aside ... and I thought I'd best mention, your fly is open."
Without an inkling of embarrassment, he kept solid eye contact, smiled again, zipped himself up and put his hands on his hips.
"Checking the goods out already ay, sweetheart?"
It was at that point she reevaluated her manners.
"I'm just about ready to give 'the goods' a swift kick if you don't go away!"
The smile dropped from his lips along with the suspended eyebrow. 
A feeling of guilt flitted over her as she saw his deflated face. Maybe she could have been less harsh. Perhaps she could have let him down a little more gently... then she saw a smile work itself back on his face and the eyebrow go up again.
"Mmm, I like 'em feisty!"
That's it, she thought.  Stuff manners  ...   "/*//*  off!"

Three Word Wednesday where you write something using the three prompt words.   This week's words are ... Fidget, Affinity and Mention.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Treasure Hunt - Monday's Child # 35

Monday's Child prompt for children's poetry or verse

All four of them stood, eyes wide with delight
as they looked at the map where an X marked the site.
There was adventure ahead and a treasure to seek
it could take an hour, a day, or even a week!
They'd find it together, how ever long it took
for they'd search and search and they'd look and look.
Until the treasure was found and shared equally by four
an adventure and friends ... who could ask for more.