Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Time for Walkies!

My Mum has a tooth missing and a denture which she hates, so only ever wears it when she leaves the house.

She also has two lovely dogs, Tasha and Tamba.

...and?  I hear you ask.


Anybody who has a dog will know they have their 'signal' for when it's time for walkies, usually the picking up of their lead at which they will get super duper excited.

My Mum's dogs are no exception.

Only their 'signal' for walkies is .... the tooth!

Whenever my Mum picks it up, they're up, tails wagging, snorting and heading for the door.

It really makes me smile to see their little faces light up at the sight of it.

I can just imagine them excitedly geeing each other up with, "Come on!
she's got the tooth, SHE'S GOT THE TOOTH!!"

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Before I Die ... Saturday Centus # 64

Umm ... this was the first thing that popped into my head 

... better clear the beaches!

Before I die

I want to run

Naked into a turquoise sea

Sun kissing my skin





Week 64 of Saturday Centus this weeks prompt is to use just 15 words (not including the prompt) using the line "... Before I die I want to ..."

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Boob Gene!

My daughter informed me yesterday that she was sooo glad she hadn't inherited my boob gene.

After observing her place her bra on her bust as opposed to my morning round up in an effort to secure mine into their hammocks, I wasn't overly surprised.

She then asked if I could I ever remember being flat chested.

"Easy," I answered, "the last time I layed on my back."

"No Mum, not when they disappear under your arms! At what age?"

"Oh, you mean ..."

"You know what I mean - when?"

It was tricky casting my mind back that far, but I told her that I did distinctly remember thinking about bandages a lot and dreading sports day in my middle school.

That seemed to answer her question, and so the conversation progressed.

"Apparently," she continued, intimating a question, "according to some famous model you can gauge the size of your bust by how many pencils you can 'hold' under them."

She looked at me expectantly.

"Huh, a pencil!" I scoffed.

I shook my head and told her that if ever it was needed, I was sure I could secure a small child under mine without too much trouble.

"Exactly!" she said, eyeing her pert frontage and heading to the kitchen  to make a cup of tea.

As I watched her exit the room, I felt a warm glow.

"Mmmm...." I thought.

"I do so love our little mother and daughter chats!"

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Biker .... I Saw Sunday - Week 43

 I Saw Sunday where you can join in with pictures, thoughts, observations, anything you like!

On my way to do the weekly shopping I got stuck in a tail-back of around 6 cars.

I watched as each one edged in and out, desperate for their moment to overtake.

One by one they swept out and sped agitatedly ahead, until finally the offending vehicle was revealed. 

The 'hold-up' was a little silver moped with a large L plate fastened to the back with blue twine.

Astride was a young lad sporting an over sized black leather jacket with tassels along the length of his arms and a shiny black helmet with a red dragon motif on.

He was tearing along at all of 25mph on the 40 mph road, and as I too eventually succumbed and overtook him, I glanced to the side and gave him a reassuring nod.

It was then I noticed his Superman T Shirt.

I couldn't help but smile.

As I looked back at him through my rear view mirror, I could see his proud little face peeping from under his dragon helmet, the tassels dancing in the wind, and the intense look of concentration as he buzzed up the hill behind me.

I could just see in his eyes, that at moment, he felt every inch a 'BIKER'.

A flush of maternal concern enveloped me.

I just hoped he didn't bump into any nasty big bikers that day!