Tuesday, 28 September 2010

James Cagney

I woke up early this morning with an overwhelming urge to talk like James Cagney.
Now I was momentarily alarmed as I've watched a programme where people do actually wake up with another accent and it's a medical condition, but luckily my James Cagney desire was just me!
I woke my partner up with it and our daughter, fed the dog with it, answered the phone with it and got ready for the day still mumbling Cagney style, but by 8.45am  my newly acquired vernacular which consisted in the main of elongating my ee's, seemed to be losing its charm for those around me, so unfortunately I had to stop.
There were a few dirty rat and classic Cagney ... 'n that's how it is seee ... moments said to myself during the day, but other than that I knew, hard as it was, I really did have to stop.
By the the time everyone got home this evening, to their relief, I had Mr.Cagney well under control, the thing is, although nothing's developed as yet
... I'm sure I'm walking like John Wayne.


Susannah said...

Well, I have heard your Cagney impression and it is pretty good! LOL

But the John Wayne walk....now that is something i've really gotta see!

Loved this post. :-)))

Monkey Man said...

Now lookit here, Pilgrim, my walk is much immitated but never reproduced. But if you must, just go stumbling into the wind.

Monica Manning said...

Well, little lady, I'm sure the giddyup in yer walk is mighty fine. Just don't be spittin' yer tabacky.

Deborah said...

LOL, thanks for popping by, it turned out to be just a few strides of Mr.Wayne ... I think I'm in the clear! :o)

rashmi said...

Ha ha a good post...enjoyed your writing..

Nessa said...

You are very silly. i love it.

Deborah said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments x :o)