Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Computer

It's been bought to my attention from my lovely family that I'm spending too much time on the computer,
admittedly I am starting to gauge my week on such things as Carry on Tuesday, Three Word Wednesday,  Magpie Tales, Sunday Scribblings and so on ... but I don't see the problem.
Apparently, certain family members are playing up because of little things like no clean clothes and no food in the house.
They can be an unreasonable bunch at times.
Still, I've relented as a gesture of good will and made 2 concession at this point.

1 - Not to turn the computer on until later in the day
2 - To have one day off a week completely

HOWEVER,  I've made them promise one thing
if they find me in some little corner of the house mumbling verse and tapping sadly at an imaginary keyboard whilst rocking to and fro .... they must intervene immediately and place me in front of my computer with a prompt waiting!

They've agreed to this so we'll just see how it goes
.... for now!


Lydia said...

I hear ya. I have been spending too much time at mine at the expense of adequate sleep. Your post is helping me to shut 'er down for the night ...right now!

Monkey Man said...

You get that, too? Mrs. MM, even though she was the one who encouraged me to blog, get "jealous" of my blogging. There is middle ground.

Deborah said...

Hi Lydia, glad my post helped you turn it off ... I think! LOL
yes MM the blogger/computer relationship must be handled thoughtfully!
... I love the way you refer to your wife as Mrs.MM LOL :o)

Susan at Stony River said...

A day off sounds like a great idea! When I was sick I was online every waking hour, and as I got better that habit was hard to break - but it sounds like your family's missing you LOL. Have fun on your days off!

Deborah said...

Thanks Sue ... I'll try! :o)