Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Mouse Manoeuvre! ... I Saw Sunday - Week 4

A random assortment of things seen this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

A flock of pheasants feasting on fallen apples in our garden ... I bet you had a job saying that! hehe  ...  no honestly there really were, they come in from the field next to our house and eat off the berry bushes too, we're sure they think it's their local cafe.

A little mouse in our house that ran under the sofa that my partner was laying on, prompting him to do what I can only describe as a gymnastic manoeuvre resulting in him standing upright in one swift movement!

An incredible swirling mist that began forming just above the ground across the field and through the trees one evening that looked just like a scene from the Hammer House films, absolutely amazing to see .... and just a little bit creepy too ... so I was glad that I wasn't on my own :o)


An incredible jet black mushroom with frilly edging that has grown just outside our gates .... undoubtedly the most impressive mushroom I've ever seen.


Susannah said...

Great stuff! you really must get your camera out so I can see your pheasant flock...(and I admit I did try saying the pheasant sentence aloud.)

I can just imagine the gymnasic manouevre, you should have shouted out 'triple pike with tuck' and whipped out the score cards. (hmm, maybe that's diving?) LOL

That mist sounds very atmospheric I can just imagine it and as for the mushroom I want phiotos! it sounds amazing.

Thanks for joining in, I enjoyed reading what you saw this week. :-)

Deborah said...

'triple pike with tuck' LOL ... very funny! :o)

Elizabeth said...

I love the 'triple tuck', but I think it would have to be done 'in reverse', lol. Those little mice certainly get all sorts of things moving.

Loved the creeping mist, sounded like the beginning of a good Dean Koontz novel, time to curl up in a comfy chair with afghan and a warm liquid something or other.

We had full Autumn colors this week and beautitul fall weather to be out and about in.

And the black mushroom sounds intriguing. Am thinking this littel snippets are wonderful suggestions for lots and lots of writing,


Deborah said...

Hi Elizabeth, the little mouse certainly did that! Thanks for popping by and I loved reading about your week, look forward to next Sundays instalment :o)