Sunday, 14 November 2010

Einstein! ... I Saw Sunday - Week 9

A random assortment of things seen
this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

Grace getting well and truly buffeted on our walks this week with the crazy windy weather we've been having. I really wanted to get a full front shot of her head with the wind behind her, because I swear, if you catch her at just the right angle with her face fur on end ... she looks remarkably like Albert Einstein!


A picture of Grace when the wind dropped with her face fur the right way ... looking a little fed up about having her picture taken again!!


Another walk related thing ... people must think all I do is walk all week!  Anyway, we had to do an abrupt u-turn on Friday because we spotted the boisterous doberman, I could see Grace stiffening so we legged it pretty sharpish down to the little lake where we came across a wonderful old red setter who Grace took to immediately and they spent a good five minutes together smiling and sniffing with their tails in full wag.


Whilst having stopped at some traffic lights by a row of houses, I looked up to their roofs and it was clear which one hadn't any loft insulation as it was the only one full of pigeons,  it was a freezing cold day and I couldn't help but smile at the thought of them with their little feet all nice and toastie.


A traffic tail back of about eight cars behind two little whited haired old ladies driving at about 25mph on a 40mph road, as I passed by on the other side I could see them both grinning,  they were either happily oblivious ... or fully aware and finding it highly amusing!

and lastly

Two swans at the lake taking off about a foot from me and flying over my head ... absolutely breathtaking!!


Susannah said...

I can vouch for dear Grace looking like Einstein! lol

I loved the little old ladies in the car, it made me smile. (I can imagine that could be us in 40 years, you driving of course. :-))

Wow, I bet the swans taking off so close would have been amazing! They are such big powerful birds.

I loved sharing your week! :-)

jaerose said...

Oh, it's so lovely to see Grace..her expression is priceless and you described it perfectly..made me smile..thank you and thanks for your visit..Jae :)

Tilly Bud said...

What a wonderful walk; and what a charming post. You have a beautiful dog.

Brian Miller said...

oh i bet the swans taking off was cool...

Monkey Man said...

What a cute pup you have. Thanks for allowing us to walk with you through that day.

Nessa said...

You views are wonderful. I especially like the doves and the old ladies.

Deborah said...

Thanks for popping by and your comments ... and yes Grace is beautiful :o) (I'm totally biased of course!)

Elizabeth said...

Love that expression on Grace's face. I once had a tri-color collie who would immediately lie down and put both paws over his face if I reached for a camera, lol. Did get a few and that same expression is on most of them.

The swans sound beautiful and I love your thoughts about the pidgeons and their toasty little feet.

Thanks for sharing your week,


joanny said...

Smiles, what a walk you had, -- life turned extra- ordinary, ,,, loved it all.


Jingle Poetry said...

magical walk.
nature is amazing.

Deborah said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments x :o)