Monday, 13 December 2010

The Magic Tree - Monday's Child # 25

Monday's Child prompt for children's poetry or verse

There was heard tell of a magic tree
that children travelled far to see
for it could help the saddest heart
and lift the spirits of those apart
It grew at the time when snow would fall
and showered love on each and all
This golden tree of years gone past
gave every child a smile to last
so as Christmastime draws ever near
and all are filled with Christmas cheer
lets make a wish that all will see
the magic of the golden tree.


nimaruichi said...

Truly magical! Glad you are back :)

Deborah said...

Thank you nimaruichi :o)

Reflections said...

Lovely magical moments, inspiring words.

signed...bkm said...

Magical indeed, this Golden tree...may it shine throughout the world this Christmas and Bless us one and all....bkm

Kodjo Deynoo said...

A lovely rhyme, nicely written

Monkey Man said...

This is a classic tale...or at any rate, it SHOULD be. Love this.

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much for your comments x

Jingle said...

magical tree is cool,
lovely entry.

Sumit Sarkar said...

A magical and a golden poem...
I loved reading it so much...nice rhyme.. :)

Rashmi said...

Yes..Deborah..How I didnt see this entry I dont know..
I share your sentiments here..
"lets make a wish that all will seethe magic of the golden tree"

Wishing you and your family Happy Christmas.

Deborah said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and your comments x

... and Happy Christmas to you and your family Rashmi x