Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mice and Laptops! .... I Saw Sunday - Week 18

 I Saw Sunday where you can join in with pictures, thoughts, observations, anything you like!

Here's mine ...

You may or may not know, but we had 'several' mice living with us a little while ago.
Well after numerous humane traps, removals and two sonic sound mouse repellents in the kitchen, we are mice free ... or so I thought.
Until ...
I was awoken at 4am last night by an all too familiar scuttling sound coming from behind the skirting board.
Now, I haven't actually 'seen' any mice, but I have a sneaking suspicion there's a rodent conspiracy going on.
As I lay there in the dark, I could just see them all huddled up together under the skirting board holding an official meeting, that went something like this ...

Right, they've stopped the traps and stopped talking about us so let's look what we've got here:

1. They love animals + they're vegetarians = they won't kill us.
2. The cats a pacifist = it won't kill us.
3. The dog sleeps all day = it doesn't matter.
4. The kitchen woman likes us = pushover.
5. The big one on the sofa drops enough food to keep us going all through the winter = constant supply.

So listen up everyone.
If we just stay out of sight and keep our heads down .... we've got it made.
I didn't get back to sleep again till 5.30am.

One more thing that kept me awake was my new laptop.
Although I love it, it's taking a bit of getting used to.
The keyboard is a lot smaller, and you have to 'tap' quite hard to get a letter.
The mouse I use with it is also tiny (it's all mice with me isn't it) and the text is smaller too, which I'm having a real job seeing clearly (even with the reading glasses I got from the pound shop)
Now I've been writing away and posting, blissfully unaware since I got it, until my lovely sister rang me and said ...
"You're comments are crazy!" and "Have you forgotten how to spell or something?" LOL
Now truthfully, since I first started my blog, she has always rang me after posting with ... "Quick, get on your computer now you've done it again!" but it seems I've taken it to a new level with the laptop.

So, all I can say is.
If you've received a comment from me lately that read something like this  ...  Abolutly Betiful.

I just want you to know ... I meant every word!  hehe  :o)


Nessa said...

I got a little mini book for travel and I have the same problem. It is about a quarter of the size of my regular laptop.

Elizabeth said...

Love the mice dialogue. When I went looking for a new computer, I tried several laptops, also got the pitch from my daughter and tried hers. I didn't buy one for all of the reasons you listed. I'm a quasi-hermit, I'll stick with my tower and full sized keyboard. I don't go out that much, lol.


Deborah said...

Aah my tower and full sized keyboard ... sniff, I'm getting all teary! I don't get out much either LOL :o)

Thanks for popping by Nessa and Elizabeth x

Susannah said...

I too love the mouse fialugue.

Great I Saw Sundat, thanks for joining in. x

Genuine typos, I didn't fix them, so that you could see that I do it too! lol

Deborah said...

LOL ... I just love those typos! (I'm still glad you check me though, it's like having my own PA! hehe)

Ron. said...

I loves me my micies! Delicious! Wanna lose yours? Recommend em to me!

Rashmi said...

Nice meeting...haha..

layers said...

hello, thanks for stopping by my blog- what a combination - mice and laptops-- good luck with the lap top!

WarmSunshine said...

khe khe khe!! :P

Abolutly dear!!

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much for stopping by and your comments x

Understanding Alice said...

I think you may be doomed to having fourlegged tennants - hey ho :)

Deborah said...

I think you may be right Alice! :o)