Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Treasure Hunt - Monday's Child # 35

Monday's Child prompt for children's poetry or verse

All four of them stood, eyes wide with delight
as they looked at the map where an X marked the site.
There was adventure ahead and a treasure to seek
it could take an hour, a day, or even a week!
They'd find it together, how ever long it took
for they'd search and search and they'd look and look.
Until the treasure was found and shared equally by four
an adventure and friends ... who could ask for more.


Mamma has spoken said...

Sounds wonderful especially since tomorrow is Dr. Seuss day!

jabblog said...

Ahh, very nice . . . but will they share??

Anonymous said...

You have a knack for this. I seriously think you should consider doing a children's book or the like. Not everyone has the right sensibility for it but you do. I like your choice of language and your overall vibe!

Raven said...

That is so cute!

Deborah said...

Thank you for stopping by and your comments x
and Selma, I've actually written a children's book for 7-12 age :o) so thanks everso much x

earlybird said...

A lovely ride, Deborah.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, couldn't have asked for more. Lovely.

Tarang said...

Cute and adventurous!

Lyn said...

What a good little group, with a very fine lesson!

signed...bkm said...

Agreed Dr Suess is smiling somewhere today....so cute....bkm

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much for your lovely comments x :o)

Elaine said...

Ahhhhh the bond of friendship. A lovely little tale!

lightverse said...

I totally ♥ this! It's a wonderful child's poem, with fun and adventure written into each line,

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much x :o)

Anna said...

Wonderful little poem. Really fits the prompt well. Love this one a lot!
Best wishes,
Anna's Monday's Child #35

Anna said...

Dear Deborah,
Thank you for your kind words on my Treasure-Map-post!
I love your poem! It rhymes and it has just the right rhythm too.
If you every decide to write a children's book, let me know. Maybe I can sketch some illustrations. Or are you a painter too???

Nice to visit with you.
Best wishes,
For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's Monday's Child #35

Deborah said...

What a wonderful offer Anna, thank you so much ... and no I can't paint! :o) thank you again for your lovely comments x :o)