Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Pirate - Saturday Centus week 18

Week 18 of Saturday Centus this weeks prompt is to use up to 100 words (not including the prompt) using the line It was a dark and stormy night. Here's mine. . .

"It was a dark and stormy night and there be nothin left standing but the barnacles."

"That's enough!"

"What be the matter wench?"

"It was funny for about two minutes, but you've been talking like a pirate now for two hours."

"That be a landlubber talking for sure."

"Please ... you're driving me mad!"

"Ye just don't know how it be to be a pirate."

"No, not surprisingly, I don't ... but I know there's some wood out back and it'll take me just five minutes to knock up a plank!"


Susannah said...

I love it! LOL

Really great use of the prompt, thanks for making me smile.:-)

"That be a landlubber talking for sure."

Ames said...

Aye matey tis the truth! LOL!!

Terra said...

Hilarious! I so loved that! Way to take it "way" out there...nice.

Jenny said...

Aye, matey, and shiver me timbers. This is a really fun use of this cliched prompt.

You made me smile.

Thanks for linking.

Bookie said...

Light and for sure!

Viki said...

OMG, LOL. This was too funny. I bet it would take less than 5 minutes to build that plank. I totally enjoyed this one, ha.

Cheryl said...

Before I leave a comment, I just want to tell you that the string of letters I'm supposed to verify is utterly insane. adwzqzue. And yes, I'm going to misspell it.

Loved where you took the prompt. Pirate talk is fun and you made it pretty damn funny as well.

Tgoette said...

What a cute story! Great dialogue and use of the prompt! Nicely done!

Malisa said...

Ha! Loved the repartee! Arrgghhh! Make him walk the gang plank!

I just posted two assignments in one post. I'm bad, but please come visit me anyway!


Kat said...

This was such a fun use of the prompt! The dialogue was hilarious. He'd definitely be walking the plank in my house!

Sue said...



So much fun.

~Lissa said...

hahahaha awesome!

This reminds me of the day I decided to speak in a British accent all day but I stopped after 20 minutes because my friends were about to kill me.

Deborah said...

Thank you all everso much for stopping by and for your lovely comments x :o)