Thursday, 2 September 2010

It Wasn't Me - Magpie Tales # 30 hosts a weekly writing prompt, write a small vignette or poem using the photo below as your inspiration. This is mine. . .

She couldn't help it.

She knew he was lying ... but what was she to do?
There he sat, apple by his side minus a child size bite.

"You took your sisters apple didn't you, Jake?"

He shook his head, eyes wide, eyebrows up.


"What's this then?"

She picked it up and showed him the bite.

"Who did this, Jake?"


"Your saying Scruffy, our dog took the apple from Lucy, had a bite and then put it by you?"


"You're sure it wasn't Sparky the cat?" 

"No, it was definitely Scruffy ... I saw him do it!"

"Jake, is this a bit like the time I found you with chocolate all over your face when Scruffy took the cake and ate it?"

"Yes ... he's at it again mum!"

She wanted to smile.

"I tell you what then, Jake, would you keep an eye on him for me because it's very naughty of him to keep doing this."

"I'll do my best, but ....

"But what, Jake?"

"It's just ..."

"It's just what, Jake?"

"It's just I heard him tell Sparky that
                          he was going to eat Lucys chocolate bar later!"


dana said...

Drumroll please! When I was young, so young that I can't remember, my father told me this cute joke. I promptly laughed so hard I kicked the slats out of the end of my cradle!!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for this, it's so lovely. You captured a child's way of thinking so well.

Sarah said...

The stories kids can come up with!

willow said...

Cute one!!

Brian Miller said...

haha. or did he already eat that as well...perhaps we should keep an eye on this one...nice mag!

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

This was really humorous, the ending was terrific. I don't write stories I have no talent for it but work like this makes me wish I did!

Sue J said...

This made me smile a lot. Thanks.

ninotaziz said...

He really can't help it!

He must be very cute to get away with all this.

Claudia said...

oh - i enjoyed this - had some talks like this with my kids as well…

here's my magpie

kathew said...

oh hahah this made me laugh out loud! Reminds me of my sneaky little brothers!

Tumblewords: said...

Ah, how funny! Good magpie!

Jingle said...

apt one,
childhood naughtiness is fun to remember.

Patience said...

oh so adorable! a fun read

Caty said...

ha gotta love 'em. what a fun story.

Deborah said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment, it's much appreciated x