Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dogs,Cats and Mice! ... I Saw Sunday - Week 7

A random assortment of things seen this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

Our cat loves to sleep on the sofa in our spare room and our dog lays on the back of it and looks out of the window.
As we were having a new sofa to put in there, the old one was taken out ... but the animals obviously hadn't seen it go.
Grace our dog took it remarkably well after an initial comical widening of the eyes and double take,
however ...
Cracker was very unsettled by the whole missing bed scenario and just stood and stared at the space for at least 5 minutes before deciding it was simply impossible to sleep or settle anywhere else for the rest of the day.

(they've both decided now though that they LOVE the new and improved viewing station/bed/sofa)


Two young boys at the park stripped to the waist doing back flips, kung fu moves, hand stands on two hands and then on one, and then bouncing on the one hand, and then doing tumbling like you see the gymnasts do on the television ... I was VERY impressed and stood at a distance partially obscured by a tree with Grace, watching, then suddenly had the thought I may look a bit suspect watching two half dressed young boys in a park from behind a tree so we carried on with our walk. 


Two other not so young lads running very fast to catch the bus ... and missing it!

... am I awful?


My partner encountering our little resident mouse in the kitchen leading to a full scale panic, he now clumps his feet to make a noise whenever he goes in there just in case it 'gets him'.
I keep shouting "THE LITTLE MOUSE" every now and again to make him jump, which he does every time I do it!

hehe ... hours of fun

... I really am awful aren't I.

(as you may have gauged by my naming our resident ... the 'little' mouse... I've grown quite fond of it, however humane mouse traps are about to be placed and he is to be relocated ... somewhere nice)

and lastly

Two gorgeous scruffy tufty-faced dogs rushing to say hello to me, wagging their tails, and anything else they could, whilst smiling their heads off ... a complete joy that left me smiling for ages.


Susannah said...

Wow, I love the sound of the tumbling boys! You should have sat on a bench and watched, you'll get yourself arrested lurking behind a tree like that. lol

I could picture the 'laughing dogs' and I can just imagine you having hours of fun with the 'little mouse' shout. ;-)

...yes, you are awful. lol

But great fun too. :-)

Brian Miller said...

haha. the kung fu guys sound really cool. and i like the 'little mouse'

jaerose said...

What a happy week - not awful for chuckling at funny things! Your cat and dog's reactions to the new sofa made me smile the most..I hope they are gradually finding their spots..thanks for your vist..jae

Rashmi said...

ha..ha....your cat and grace.We all know them now.The park scene,your guest the little mouse ,each scene we can visualize as we read.
Beautiful Deborah...

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much for your visit and comments, they're much appreciated x

Elizabeth said...

Yes, you are awful, but in a very familiar and fun way. The mouse shout is something I can relate to well. And love the dogs and those smiles. Vivid details and lots of smiles. Thank you,


Monkey Man said...

You're having too much fun.

Jingle said...

those little details and attentions in life are worthy writing, lovely Sunday post.

Anonymous said...

Great snapshot of your week! The mouse in my house would freak me out, too! You could have hours of fun yelling "the little mouse" at me!

Deborah said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments x :o)