Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Feminine Side! - Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday where you write something using the three prompt words.
This week's words are  ... Plausible, Taint and Willingly.

There had to be a plausible explanation.
She stood at the doorway, mouth agape. 
Questions were running one after the other through her mind.
Was it a bet?
Had he done this willingly?
Was there a secret camera and a man with a mic and a wry smile ready to jump out at any minute?
God, she hoped so.
If not, what were the options?
He was six foot two with a moustache for goodness sake, he'd never be able to pull it off!
She refused to let the image of him dressed in pink frills from head to toe taint the years they'd shared together, she loved him no matter what.
She'd planned even in those few short moments to use carefully chosen words that would allow some open and honest dialogue to flow, but ...
"What the  *//** do you think you're doing?" came out.
He sat himself down on the bottom of the bed and shook his head.
"You said you wanted me to get in touch with my feminine side!"
"In touch... In touch... Not dress up like a blooming woman ... I was thinking maybe you could ask me how my day was, or watch a chick flick with me, or smell a flower or something!"
He took off the outfit and threw it on the bedroom floor.
"Well you could of said!"
"Well, maybe I didn't think you'd turn into Barbara Cartland!"
There's just no pleasing you sometimes, Kate."
"Look, John, just tell me the truth ... is this your way of telling me something?"
"Like what?"
"Like ... like ... you're a transvestite."
His eyes nearly popped out of his head. 
"Are you nuts?" 
"Am I nuts? You're the one who was dressed in pink frills from head to toe!" 
"Yeah, but only cuz you said about being more feminine!" 
"And that was how you interpreted feminine ... dressing up as Barbara Cartland?" 
"Well, yeah, you're always reading that Mills and Boon stuff and saying how Barbara Cartland represented femininty." 
She looked at him, and unbelievable as the whole situation was, she could tell by his face that he really was telling the truth. 
"Look, John, I'm sorry. Just don't listen to me in future. It was silly of me to suggest it anyway." 
He stood up and put his arms around her.
"Don't feel bad, love, we all make mistakes."
She stood limp in his arms unsure whether to laugh or cry .... he was obviously an idiot ... but then she was the one who'd said yes to marrying him.
He pulled her closer to him.
"You do know I'd do anything to make you happy, don't you?"
She looked up at him and couldn't help but smile.
"Yes, John,  I know you would."
She cuddled back into his arms.
Barbara Cartland aside, she knew she was lucky.
He may have been an idiot, but he was a thoughtful, loving and very eager to please idiot ... and even with the oversized pink outfit still laying on the bedroom floor, she wouldn't have changed him for anything.


jaerose said...

'In touch, In touch!' - I could just hear her shrieking these words..very funny piece and so warm (as always)..Jae :)

4ndyman said...

Absolutely true that we men have no idea what you women mean when you say we should "get in touch with our feminine side." Still, what a lunkhead! Thanks for making me smile.

Monkey Man said...

Cute story. I would be happy to get in touch with my feminie side...if I had one.

Elizabeth said...

I think I could love a man who would do that for me. His heart was in the very best of places. It would also make me laugh.


Lilly's World!!! said...

Really well described!! Good job!! :)

Kim Nelson said...

What a wonderful little love story!

ThomG said...

I very much liked this for so many reasons. Yes, we man are clueless. Yes, for the right woman, we'll do anything. You cemented that with this tale.

Sheilagh's Sweet Nothings said...

ahh sweet and charming vivid description of a charming lunkhead.Well written and deeply felt.

Rashmi said...

Wonderful story...Will there be such a man who will go to any end just to please his wife in reality?

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much for your comments x

Brigid said...

Great story considering the words were tricky enough.

faith said...

Loved that she couldn't make herself remain calm but blurted out what was in her head instead! Very funny. I could picture this one. :)

Jingle said...

love your creativity.
smart application of three words...

Deborah said...

Thanks so much for visiting and your comments x :o)