Sunday, 9 January 2011

Snuggie and Runs ... Saw Sunday - Week 17

A random assortment of things seen
this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

I've decided to use any spare time I have from now on to work on a children's book (eek, steady on now, what no prompts! ... can I do it? ... umm ... well maybe I can do just one a week.)
The plot itself is finished, a feisty child, talking animals and a battle between light and dark, it just needs sort of polishing up.
The 'polishing up' process mainly consists of my writing something, then getting straight on the phone to my sister and reading it to her to see how it sounds.
She's been absolutely invaluable and always tells me just what I need to know.
I really couldn't have got this far with without her help, so to my lovely sister ... thank you, thank you, thank you xxx


We live in an old gatehouse that admittedly is freezing at times and in our living room we have two sofas, one away from the draught (mine, it happened that way before we knew about the draughts, honest) and another directly in line of the draught which is my partners.
Well he's constantly moaning at everyone to shut the door if it comes ajar (rather than get up of the sofa and shut it himself of course) so I've been putting him in a Snuggie (a blanket with arms) in the evening.
Whenever I get it out he starts protesting and saying, " I don't want that blinking thing on!" and "get it away from me!"
Needless to say I completely disregard his moans and slot his arms in and tuck it in all around him, and as soon as he gets it on he quietens up and settles.
It's a burgundy red one and when he's laying there all peaceful and snug, I can't help thinking he looks a lot like a TV watching monk in a cassock. 
The thing is now, I find his initial reaction soo funny, especially when followed by the obvious snuggly enjoyment that follows, that I can't help threatening him with the Snuggie.
I find myself at the slightest suggestion of a draught announcing ... 'Come on, you're having it on whether you like it or not!'

and lastly

When I go for a walk in the field at the side of our house with Grace, I sometimes get quite far ahead when she's found something particularly interesting that needs sniffing and checking out.
If I get too far, I stop and turn, and wait until she's ready to catch up.
This is the bit that never fails to make me smile.
Firstly, she stands tall and locates where I am ... then she start to run, getting faster and faster until her back curves and barrels like a greyhound.
Then with her eyes firmly fixed on me as she passes by, she skims just past the side of my legs at full speed with her face fur flying and her mouth open and laughing.
It's an absolute pleasure to see and makes my heart burst with joy every time she does it.


Susannah said...

You made me laugh again! I love the thought of you tucking him up in his snuggy! and threatening him with it too. :-) . . . (well now the mice have gone you need some fun.)

I can see dear Grace's face in my mind when you describe her!

...and as for your book, you have got me gripped. I am really enjoying it and what is better than someone reading you a great story over the phone! Glad to help. x

Elizabeth said...

Your stories are always fun to read. But I liked Grace's run, it reminded me of a dog I once had who would do a similar thing. Thanks for the memories,


oldegg said...

Oh the joys of having a fun loving dog.

I am intrigued with the children's book and the the need to illustrate it to your liking. Have you got an illustrator or a fair idea of what is needed or are you leaving that to the publisher?

Sorry I can't comment on the snuggie as it is our summer in Australia and I just couldn't bear to think of it!

Deborah said...

Thank you everso much for your comments x

and Old Egg, the book is a novel for 7-12 year olds so luckily I won't need any illustrations for it :o)

jaerose said...

Aah, The Snuggie..I have been dilly-dallying over whether to purchase one since The Christmas TV campaign. Really just decided it was a back to front dressing gown and would be a static nightmare..still your description made me very tempted again..I can't imagine how many tripping accidents were in A&E over the holidays..I hope we will see some of your new book..does Grace feature? She would make a lovely leading lady..Jae

Deborah said...

Thanks for your comment Jae x for Grace, no she doesn't feature in it as I started the book 'ages' ago, but the talking cat Erastus was very much inspired by my lovely old cat Casper who was a real character!...I do agree though that she definitely would make a wonderful leading lady :o)

Rashmi said...

Oh,Deborah..That novel will be very very catchy for the children.I am sure..As we read you we know that it would be wonderful...
Wonderful description of your home and grace..
Really enjoyed this post..

Deborah said...

Thank you Rashmi x