Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Pheasant Run! ... I Saw Sunday - Week 2

A random assortment of things seen this week for  I Saw Sunday

here are mine ...

We live beside a field that is now full of pheasants and while I was walking Grace, she startled them and sent them running.
Now for some reason pheasants seem to use flying as an ultimate last resort manoeuvre, so on seeing a dog instead of flying they started to run, hesitantly at first and then they just got faster and faster.
They run bolt upright with their little legs going like the clappers, which in itself was enough to make me laugh aloud, but there was one particularly fine looking pheasant who had obviously done some training and just came out of nowhere with his head dipped (not the usual pheasant running style) and just powered through to the front Chariots of Fire Style and whooped the lot of them, it was hysterical ... to me anyway but then I'm notoriously easily pleased.


My dear (never caught or killed anything in her life) cat stalking a worm for 10 minutes before coming in for her tea.


Susannah said...

I love these and can just see the pheasant race! lol

...and I love dear Cracker stalking a worm, adorable!

Thanks for joining in.

Deborah said...

It was a pleasure, just got to keep my eyes peeled now for next Sunday :o) x

Jingle Poetry said...

cute thinking.

Deborah said...