Saturday, 13 August 2011

***Happy Birthday to My Lovely Big Sister Susannah***

51 today

When I was little, I'd look up to you
copying everything you'd say and do.
Your hair, your make-up, the way you'd talk
The swish of the hair, the way you'd walk.
Until the day I'd mastered it all
and there I was, 5.2" tall.
A smaller version, a 'mini me'
the best little you that I could be.
Then came the day when all I'd done
fell into place, and we were one.
As the clerk in the Post Office chatted away
continuing his talk from the previous day.
With a girl he was sure was my big sister Su
but instead it was me!  Well what could I do?
I'd chatted too long to suddenly come clean,
I was 4" shorter, you'd think he'd have seen!
 But he carried on chatting, so sure I was you,
that for one special moment, I believed it too!  :o)

51 ... I know! 

I'm going to check her attic the next time I visit.
I've seen that film 'Dorian Gray' ... and something's going on!

 ... she can even make a wig and moustache look good!

And as well as being talented, beautiful, creative, inspirational, and wise with some wonderful blogs I would recommend anyone visit,  The Streaming Now,  Joy Frequencies, Panopticulated, Out of My Ocean, and My Name is Zing,  she is also hysterically funny, and has made me laugh for as long as I can remember.

(hint* do a  funny blog :o)

In short.

She is the best sister ever and  has made my life richer and happier just by being in it,  and I am so lucky to have her as my sister and my friend.

So to my very special big sister


I love you all the world xxxxxx


Susannah said...

You are trying to make me cry!!

Thank you SO, SO, much, I love you and am so glad that you are my sister and my best friend. xxx

Love you. x

PS. you were really convincing as me! lol

Deborah said...

That post office clerk certainly thought so! LOL
Have a wonderful day Su, I'll see you later xxxxx

Lydia said...

Happy birthday to Susannah! I was already so emotional over your post and then read her comment to you and just about lost it. My sister, 22-months younger, and I have been alienated for over a year now. It is not the first time...our longest stretch of not seeing or speaking with one another went on for nine years. About five years ago, when we actually were trying and were in email communication, I suggested that we talk on the phone four times a year--kind of a toast to the seasons way of staying in touch. She never responded to my suggestion. I am resigned to our peculiar adult relationship (after being extremely close as kids). We just are not like you and your sis...and I know you are thanking your lucky stars for that!

Deborah said...

Lydia thank you so much for your birthday wish, I'm so so sorry about your relationship with your sister, it made me very emotional too ... sending you a big hug x

earlybird said...

What a lovely tribute. Humour obviously runs in the family :)

Lydia said...

Thank you so much, Deborah, for your understanding and I will definitely take that hug. :)

Deborah said...

Thank you earlybird x :o)

Lydia x

Muhammad Israr said...

Happy birthday susannah..may you have many many happy returns of the day :)

Deborah said...

Thank you Muhammad, I'll pass your good wishes on :o) x

jabblog said...

Happy Birthday to Susannah (my middle daughter's called Susannah!)
I didn't realise you two were sisters:-)
I shall go to her blog now and congratulate her.
51?? Pah - a mere youngster:-)

Deborah said...

LOL ... Thank you jabblog, she'll be pleased to see you x :o)

Mamma has spoken said...

Nice tribute to your sister! I don't have one and your post made me wish I did. Sister in laws just aren't the same....

Elizabeth Grimes said...

That's beautiful! Made me think of my big sister today too. Hope she has a great day. You're lucky to have each other. :)

T.O. Geezer said...

Happy Birthday to your sister :-)


Deborah said...

Thank you Mamma and Elizabeth ... and yes I do think we're lucky x :o)

Thank you so much Ron, I'll pass those wishes on x :o)

Linda said...

What a lovely tribute to Susannah and what a clever poem. You are very talented and, I'm sure, just as funny as your very special big sister.

Eclectic Artista said...

Happy Birthday, Susannah! it's so nice how sweet you sisters are to each other! Best Wishes to you both!
Mary in Portland....

Deborah said...

Thank you so much Linda and Eclectic for you lovely comments and good wishes x :o)

Rashmi said...

Deborah,What a lovely way to express the love for your sister...She really must be a special person....
Oh, Susannah you are so lucky to have such an adoring little sis....
Thank you Deborah for making us part of the celebration....
We all wish
"Happy Birthday Susannah" along with you dear Deborah...

Deborah said...

Than you for those lovely wishes Rashmi ... and it's lovely to see you x :o)

Anonymous said...

I think that Susannah is hot and obviously ageless. I would never have thought she was 51. I thought about 37,38.

The love and affection you two have for one another is touching, inspiring and makes me feel googly all over.

It is so nice to see sisters who actually get on. So brilliant.

Wishing you a fantabulous birthday, Susannah. You are a very cool person. Much love to you XXX

Deborah said...

I know! as I said, something's going on LOL
Thank you so much for your lovely 'googly' comment Selma :o) xx

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes you left here for me, they are much appreciated. :-)xxx